SBC logo Author: Bob MacCallum, Stockholm Bioinformatics Center, Stockholm University, Sweden.


A web based contact prediction server is available here.

The server performed well at CASP6 - it was one of the top three contact specialist servers evaluated over all new-fold targets. For more details see the assessment summary by Alfonso Valencia and a more extensive set of tables and figures provided by the assessors. In both of the above the GPCPRED server is known as RR012 or group 012. Please be aware that contact predictions in general are not very accurate!

The author of GPCPRED is Bob MacCallum. If the predictions are useful in your work, please tell us and cite the following paper, if appropriate:

MacCallum, R.M. (2004) Striped sheets and protein contact prediction. Bioinformatics, 20 Suppl 1, I224-I231. (Preprint available from Bob's homepage.)

NEWS: protein sequence databases (for PSI-BLAST profile generation) were updated on 17 Feb 2006