The table below lists human protein sequences which have orthologues in the following 5 species: mouse, fruitfly, elegans, cerevisiae, pombe. All sequences satisfy the condition stated in the table heading. Orthologue analysis was performed using BLAST and InParanoid.
The sp links take you to Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL, the np links show the NucPred prediction for that sequence, and the mp links perform a multiple alignment plus NucPred prediction on all sequences in the group.
There are 39 "orthologous groups" in this table.
The table column headings link to a more detailed and information-rich table for the sequences in that column.
Sequences with NucPred scores >= 0.5 and no Swiss-Prot or GO nuclear annotation  
human mouse fruitfly elegans cerevisiae pombe
COG3_HUMAN sp np Q8CI04 sp np COG3_DROME sp np Q9N2Z0 sp np SC34_YEAST sp np Q9Y7Z4 sp np  mp
CTOG_HUMAN sp np Q80U79 sp np Q9VEZ3 sp np O61442 sp np STU2_YEAST sp np AL14_SCHPO sp np  mp
CUL1_HUMAN sp np
CUL2_HUMAN sp np
CUL1_MOUSE sp np CUL1_DROME sp np CUL1_CAEEL sp np CC53_YEAST sp np CUL1_SCHPO sp np  mp
CV04_HUMAN sp np
CV4L_HUMAN sp np
Q8CA49 sp np Q95RC5 sp np CAE46669 sp np GYP1_YEAST sp np O59737 sp np  mp
DD24_HUMAN sp np Q7TM97 sp np
DD24_MOUSE sp np
Q9V915 sp np Q86NC8 sp np MAK5_YEAST sp np O74393 sp np  mp
DYHC_HUMAN sp np DYHC_MOUSE sp np Q9VZ83 sp np
DYHC_CAEEL sp np DYHC_YEAST sp np DYHC_SCHPO sp np  mp
GBF1_HUMAN sp np Q8BYH5 sp np Q9V696 sp np
Q8ML25 sp np
Q9XTF0 sp np GEA1_YEAST sp np
GEA2_YEAST sp np
Q9P7R8 sp np  mp
HIP1_HUMAN sp np Q8VD75 sp np Q8MQJ8 sp np
Q86BS5 sp np
SLA2_CAEEL sp np SLA2_YEAST sp np SLA2_SCHPO sp np  mp
IF38_HUMAN sp np Q8R3M7 sp np Q9V859 sp np IF38_CAEEL sp np IF38_YEAST sp np IF38_SCHPO sp np  mp
IF3A_HUMAN sp np
Q96C72 sp np
IF3A_MOUSE sp np Q9VN25 sp np IF3A_CAEEL sp np IF3A_YEAST sp np IF3A_SCHPO sp np  mp
IF3X_HUMAN sp np Q8CHD9 sp np Q9V7K2 sp np IF3X_CAEEL sp np IF3X_YEAST sp np IF3X_SCHPO sp np  mp
KF11_HUMAN sp np Q9Z1J0 sp np KL61_DROME sp np Q9XTM0 sp np KIP1_YEAST sp np CUT7_SCHPO sp np  mp
O60346 sp np
Q9Y2E3 sp np
Q8CHE4 sp np Q9VJ07 sp np CAA87056 sp np
YR71_CAEEL sp np
CYAA_YEAST sp np CYAA_SCHPO sp np  mp
Q8IV52 sp np
PDPK_MOUSE sp np PK61_DROME sp np Q9Y1J3 sp np
Q9UA36 sp np
Q03407 sp np Q12701 sp np  mp
PLD2_HUMAN sp np PLD2_MOUSE sp np Q9V9M1 sp np Q17637 sp np SP14_YEAST sp np YA2G_SCHPO sp np  mp
PMIP_HUMAN sp np Q8BLL4 sp np Q9V9H7 sp np Q95PY9 sp np PMIP_YEAST sp np PMIP_SCHPO sp np  mp
Q7Z4N6 sp np
Q9H911 sp np
Q8BWZ3 sp np Q9VDQ7 sp np YNQA_CAEEL sp np DEC1_YEAST sp np Q9Y809 sp np  mp
Q7Z569 sp np Q99MP8 sp np Q9VDZ1 sp np YQOE_CAEEL sp np YHB0_YEAST sp np YDRD_SCHPO sp np  mp
Q8IVE1 sp np Q8BGF7 sp np Q9V505 sp np YPO4_CAEEL sp np PAN2_YEAST sp np YAA4_SCHPO sp np  mp
Q8N9M6 sp np Q8C3S7 sp np Q9VEN9 sp np Q20374 sp np Q8NKJ3 sp np O42958 sp np  mp
Q92783 sp np P70297 sp np Q9XTL2 sp np O01498 sp np YHA2_YEAST sp np O74749 sp np  mp
Q9BRU9 sp np Q9CX11 sp np
Q8BY14 sp np
Q9VQ40 sp np Q95QS4 sp np Q12339 sp np O74862 sp np  mp
Q9H1K0 sp np Q80Y56 sp np
Q8K0L6 sp np
Q9VLS5 sp np Q9N3Y4 sp np Q99229 sp np O13786 sp np  mp
Q9P2D9 sp np
Q8N8U1 sp np
Q810R2 sp np Q9W3L1 sp np Q95XD2 sp np NMD2_YEAST sp np NMD2_SCHPO sp np  mp
Q9P2K8 sp np Q9QZ05 sp np Q9V9X8 sp np Q9XVY4 sp np GCN2_YEAST sp np Q9HGN1 sp np  mp
Q9UHA3 sp np
Q8N6S8 sp np
Q99L28 sp np Q9VGN9 sp np RL24_CAEEL sp np Q07915 sp np RL24_SCHPO sp np  mp
Q9UJ41 sp np Q9JM13 sp np Q9W0H9 sp np Q8I100 sp np VPS9_YEAST sp np O74396 sp np  mp
Q9Y3N6 sp np
O14572 sp np
O94915 sp np
Q99993 sp np
Q8BUA0 sp np Q9VT28 sp np
Q9VT22 sp np
Q8IQD1 sp np
Q9GYP6 sp np
Q95QJ8 sp np
TAO3_YEAST sp np MOR2_SCHPO sp np  mp
RL15_HUMAN sp np
Q8N6E1 sp np
Q9CWI5 sp np RL15_DROME sp np
Q7PL86 sp np
RL15_CAEEL sp np R15A_YEAST sp np
R15B_YEAST sp np
RL15_SCHPO sp np
Q9US22 sp np
RL24_MOUSE sp np
RL24_HUMAN sp np
RL24_BOVIN sp np
RL24_RAT sp np
RL24_MOUSE sp np
RL24_HUMAN sp np
RL24_BOVIN sp np
RL24_RAT sp np
Q9VJY6 sp np O01868 sp np R24A_YEAST sp np
R24B_YEAST sp np
O74884 sp np
Q92354 sp np
RL37_HUMAN sp np Q9D823 sp np R37A_DROME sp np O62388 sp np
RL37_CAEEL sp np
R37A_YEAST sp np
R37B_YEAST sp np
R37B_SCHPO sp np
R37A_SCHPO sp np
RL39_HUMAN sp np
R39L_HUMAN sp np
RL39_HUMAN sp np RL39_DROME sp np RL39_CAEEL sp np RL39_YEAST sp np RL39_SCHPO sp np  mp
RS6_HUMAN sp np RS6_HUMAN sp np RS6_DROME sp np Q9NEN6 sp np RS6_YEAST sp np RS6A_SCHPO sp np
RS6B_SCHPO sp np
RS8_HUMAN sp np RS8_HUMAN sp np Q9VAF1 sp np
Q8MLY8 sp np
Q8IMK2 sp np
RS8_CAEEL sp np RS8_YEAST sp np RS8A_SCHPO sp np
RS8B_SCHPO sp np
S15A_HUMAN sp np
S15B_HUMAN sp np
S15A_MOUSE sp np SC15_DROME sp np SC15_CAEEL sp np SC15_YEAST sp np SC15_SCHPO sp np  mp
STB1_HUMAN sp np STB1_MOUSE sp np ROP_DROME sp np UN18_CAEEL sp np
AAQ81273 sp np
SEC1_YEAST sp np O94590 sp np  mp
U33K_HUMAN sp np
Q9BV93 sp np
UXD2_HUMAN sp np
U33K_MOUSE sp np Q9VSC5 sp np Q9TXH9 sp np YB9R_YEAST sp np
YJE8_YEAST sp np
YDFB_SCHPO sp np  mp
VP11_HUMAN sp np VP11_MOUSE sp np Q8SX81 sp np YRM2_CAEEL sp np END1_YEAST sp np Q9P6N4 sp np  mp
Y645_HUMAN sp np Q8BVE2 sp np Q8IRG9 sp np
Q8IRG8 sp np
Q9W0E3 sp np
Q9XTE2 sp np YJ9G_YEAST sp np O74788 sp np  mp