The table below lists human protein sequences which have orthologues in the following 3 species: mouse, fruitfly, elegans. All sequences satisfy the condition stated in the table heading. Orthologue analysis was performed using BLAST and InParanoid.
The sp links take you to Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL, the np links show the NucPred prediction for that sequence, and the mp links perform a multiple alignment plus NucPred prediction on all sequences in the group.
There are 28 "orthologous groups" in this table.
The table column headings link to a more detailed and information-rich table for the sequences in that column.
Sequences with NucPred scores >= 0.95  
human mouse fruitfly elegans
ACIN_HUMAN sp np ACIN_MOUSE sp np Q9VJ12 sp np P91156 sp np  mp
BRD2_HUMAN sp np
O60433 sp np
O14789 sp np
BRD4_HUMAN sp np
O88411 sp np Q9VCG6 sp np Q86S79 sp np
Q95Y80 sp np
CAFA_HUMAN sp np CAFA_MOUSE sp np Q9W3D1 sp np
Q8IRN2 sp np
Q9U380 sp np  mp
CDL1_HUMAN sp np
CDL2_HUMAN sp np
Q8BP53 sp np KP58_DROME sp np YP62_CAEEL sp np  mp
CRK7_HUMAN sp np
Q9H4A1 sp np
Q9H4A0 sp np
Q8R457 sp np Q9VP22 sp np CDK9_CAEEL sp np  mp
FNB3_HUMAN sp np
Q8NCZ1 sp np
FNB3_MOUSE sp np Q9VQK5 sp np YO61_CAEEL sp np  mp
HRX_HUMAN sp np HRX_MOUSE sp np Q9V8B6 sp np Q8I7H3 sp np
P91152 sp np
LPN1_HUMAN sp np Q8CD95 sp np
LPN1_MOUSE sp np
Q8SXP0 sp np Q9XXT5 sp np  mp
MINT_HUMAN sp np MINT_MOUSE sp np SPEN_DROME sp np Q8I0K1 sp np
Q7YSH5 sp np
Q19135 sp np
POP1_HUMAN sp np Q9D4G5 sp np
Q8K205 sp np
Q9W4A7 sp np YPD9_CAEEL sp np  mp
Q14667 sp np Q8C1W6 sp np Q9VZS7 sp np O62191 sp np  mp
Q15015 sp np Q62018 sp np Q9W0H4 sp np YKD1_CAEEL sp np  mp
Q86X95 sp np
Q12804 sp np
Q9DA19 sp np Q9VVU4 sp np P91342 sp np  mp
Q8IYB3 sp np O70495 sp np Q9VU43 sp np O62185 sp np  mp
Q8N5F7 sp np
Q9H4Q7 sp np
Q9D0F4 sp np Q9VB74 sp np Q966L6 sp np  mp
Q8N9T8 sp np
Q9H978 sp np
Q8VDQ9 sp np Q9VTU0 sp np Q20760 sp np  mp
Q8TF01 sp np
Q9P0C0 sp np
Q9CS92 sp np Q9VGG3 sp np
Q86B99 sp np
Q9U252 sp np  mp
Q8WYP5 sp np
Q8IZA4 sp np
Q8VD55 sp np
Q8CJF7 sp np
Q9VWE6 sp np Q18508 sp np  mp
Q9HAW4 sp np Q80YR7 sp np Q8IRB5 sp np O17838 sp np  mp
Q9HCG8 sp np Q8C5N3 sp np Q9VJ87 sp np Q17336 sp np  mp
Q9UIE9 sp np Q9CT49 sp np Q9V3Y5 sp np Q22859 sp np
Q8I4F3 sp np
SFRG_HUMAN sp np SFRG_MOUSE sp np Q9VC54 sp np Q19854 sp np  mp
SON_HUMAN sp np SON_MOUSE sp np Q9VHB0 sp np Q9TYS1 sp np  mp
STKA_HUMAN sp np STKA_MOUSE sp np Q9W179 sp np
Q8MLP1 sp np
O17566 sp np  mp
T230_HUMAN sp np O88542 sp np Q9VW47 sp np Q20497 sp np  mp
T2D1_HUMAN sp np
Q8IZX4 sp np
Q80UV9 sp np T2D1_DROME sp np Q9XUL9 sp np  mp
THO2_HUMAN sp np Q8C690 sp np Q9VQ76 sp np
Q8IPY1 sp np
Q18033 sp np  mp