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NucPred - Predicting Nuclear Localisation of Proteins

Source code

The source code to NucPred is freely available to all under the GNU Public License (GPL). It is written entirely in Perl and it's extremely simple to incorporate into your own scripts. If you find it useful, please give proper recognition to our efforts and cite the following paper:
Heddad, A., Brameier, M. and MacCallum, R.M. (2004) Evolving Regular Expression-based Sequence Classifiers for Protein Nuclear Localisation. Accepted paper at the 2nd European Workshop on Evolutionary Bioinformatics (EvoBIO2004, April 2004), [pdf preprint].
And/or make a link to http://www.sbc.su.se/~maccallr/nucpred.

Download the tar gzip source bundle here. Unpack it, enter the directory and read/run/modify the demo script. NEW in 2008: scanning mutagenesis demo script which gives you per residue scores (but these are not the same as those on the web version).

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