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evolutionary music from Lean Back Productions
search portal Search forms for search engines...
compare-stuff a side project of mine: web based decision support and research tool
read more about it here
cool party game from the makers of compare-stuff!
Say no to the Boeing 747-400 over London I'm too scared to chain myself to a runway, but this might help too.
Perl shell interactive Perl shell (one of many, but this one's better of course)
thesis my PhD thesis from UCL (1997)
trebuchet trebuchet pics and videos, southern France, 2005.
vischeck check your photos and web pages for accessibility to those with common sight impairments
tinyeyes baby vision simulator
sweet-apple Mac support in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire and the West Country, England.
groovetech is gone! - rest in peace - why didn't they try harder to save it?
turbo nutter pukka rave my club reviews from stockholm
scientology of course I'm not into this, but the link could save a few souls from being sucked in. Now rank 2 on Google! (April 2002)

have you tried to
compare stuff